The Dark Unicorn of BSC

Fair, Scarce, Deflationary


The Dark Unicorn on BSC

Special Powers

On every transaction:

3% is shared among all Holders
3% is Burned
3% is sent to the Dark Fund

Dark Fund is governed by community (can be used for add liquidity, marketing, contests, etc)


The Dark Unicorn on BSC


No Presale
No Airdrops
No Team/Dev tokens

100% of initial Supply locked in Liquidity Pool

100% of LP tokens locked on DxSale for 37 days

Contract Ownership has been renounced
Nobody can alter or stop the Dark Unicorn anymore, not even the developers

Real Time Stats

Every time somebody buy/sell/transfer DUNI, 3% of such amount is permanently burned. The original 21 Mln supply keep shrinking every minute!



DUNI tokens burned so far



Remaining DUNI circulating supply

Download the TRUSTWALLET app and setup your wallet.

Purchase BNB on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).


Confirm the transaction on your wallet and HODL!


Anytime somebody buy/sell/transfer Dark Unicorns (DUNI), a 9% tax is applied and is used as follow:

3% to Holders
Simply by holding DUNI in your wallet, their quantity will grow with time, as you will receive dividends from all transactions. The more DUNI you hold, the more dividends you get!

3% is Burned
The small supply keep getting smaller every day!

3% to Dark Fund
It's important to take the right actions to grow the right way. Adding to Liquidity (good for price strength and stability), Marketing, contests, promotions, etc! The Dark Fund gives longevity to the DUNI project long term.

Dark Unicorn is very fair, the smartcontract is fully open source, safe and secure.

All the initial supply has been put on liquidity pool and locked, the dev team kept 0 tokens from the start (fair launch).

There are only 21 million DUNI, they are all already minted from the start and sent to the (locked) liquidity pool. Not only that, the number of circulating DUNI is going to go down (burn) with every transaction. Nobody can mint new DUNI anymore (not even the dev team), forever.

The Light Unicorn (LUNI) is the second layer inflationary token of the unicorns ecosystem, the twin sister of the Dark Unicorn (DUNI) token.

LUNI is very different from DUNI:

- LUNI is inflationary, it is farmed in the LUNI farms and is produced (minted) every day in the process.
- LUNI have no "Special Powers", (no 3%/3%/3% like DUNI).
- LUNI initial supply is small, and grows a bit every day (Farms production), thus it's not supposed to be a good store of value (unlike DUNI, that is a strong token).

LUNI is a second layer token, it is paired with DUNI (LUNI/DUNI liquidity pool).
This means that LUNI can be acquired only by spending DUNI.

DUNI and LUNI are tied together in this special pair-bond, forever.
Their value is tied, their volume is tied, like real twins.

LUNI tokens are inflationary and are freshly produced every day in the LUNI Farm(s)!

Simply stake tokens and start earning LUNI.

* +10% of harvested LUNI is given to dark-fund (marketing and liquidity)

The Light Unicorn - LUNI

✨ The twin sister of DUNI ✨

LUNI is an Inflationary Token paired with DUNI (LUNI/DUNI Pool). They are tied together.. forever.

LUNI can be Farmed in the LUNI Farms, great opportunities awaits!

simply get some DUNI first and then use DUNI to buy LUNI!


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